After being vegetarian for all of my teenage and early adult life, I’d always wondered why people went completely vegan. General ignorance and the initial adaption of meals put me off, as it does with many. Cows looked so happy in Muller adverts, not eating ’em seemed like that was enough.

After some dairy-free experimentation, I decided to become completely cruelty free; clothes, beauty products & food. One of the best parts about being vegan is sharing discoveries of cruelty-free stuff with other vegans. There are so many great recipes, companies & events out there, but I found with a measly student budget & the majority of these recipes are written by amazing American cooks, listing ingredients that are a bit difficult/expensive to source in the UK. Plus I’m pretty lazy, so easy recipes are a must. I created this blog in the hope of preserving some recipes that fit this criteria from disappearing from the internet/my messy room forever and creating a go-to source of information on companies and events in the UK. This means contributions are greatly welcomed!

This isn’t going to be a series of posts on ethics, but a bit of baketivism inspired by the likes of Operation Icing, Ms Cupcakes, Vegan Potluck and many more amazeballs UK organizations/companies that make being vegan pretty fun.

If you’re considering trying out a vegan diet, I hope these will be helpful too, and I definitely recommend watching this video. Good summary of reasons to make the veg pledge from a pretty batty yet inspiring dude

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